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BRU50 Empty Shell new album will be ready soon!

EMPTY SHELL , Texas, is releasing their upcoming second album "Inner City Hustle" September 11, 2021 by Burning Dogma Records & Brute! Productions. Their music is like

Call your dealer now!

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Happy New Year 2022

Brute! Productions is still alive in the virus era. Stay tuned. Death Metal is all around.

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James Hord
James Hord
26 aug. 2022

What's up Joi? This is Eric Hord from Cellblock Autopsy. I just got out on parole 3 months ago after 15 years. Contact me 575-703-0474 or at I ain't got no social media cuz i'm dumb as fuck w/that shit. Fetal Bleeding sounds sick as fuck! Hope you get this message. Love and Respect!

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