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This was a long-awaited album for years. Unfortunately, no one successfully gets this done on a disc. Now it's time to settle down to Brute! 14 Songs of Fiend 'Southern As Fuck, Cunt' will groove your neck in a minute , one of the best goregrind outfit from Australia. RIP
11 Songs of Cystgurgle 'Engaged in Lymphophilia title, including LDOH and Pulmonary Fibrosis covers, is one of their top notch session. From members of Smallpox Aroma, Ecchymosis, You must grab this fast. 
Groovy Goregrind VS. Blasting Gorenoise!! That's it!! 
Limited to 500 copies.

NEW & SEALED Shipped directly from the label. All orders will be shipped by Airmail with a tracking number. 


SKU: bru43
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